Rita & La Serva Padrona at Brighton Farm Market

18 July 2013 - 18 July 2013

We perform an "opera mash up" of two comedies al fresco in the kooky little Brighton Farm Market, tucked away off North Lane, with craft beers, ciders and street food stalls offering delicious refreshment.

Venue Information

Brighton Farm Market

Hidden away in Diplocks yard amongst the quirky shops and cafes of North Road, Brighton, the farm market was created by Jessops, the oldest farm in Sussex. A place for people to eat and drink and buy fresh produce. Diplocks yard used to be called Diplocks barrow yard, and from 1915 to 1975 hired out barrows, or hand trucks. ‘Trotters’ as they were knowm, or rag-and-bone men, used to go round the streets shouting and collecting furniture, clothing and metal to sell. In 1975 the barrows became uneconomic and were disposed of. The yard is rumoured to be the place Tony Mancini the trunk murderer hired a barrow to transport the body of his victim. In more recent times the yard was used as a craft and antiques market. The performance takes place in the partially covered cafe area of the market, with stalls selling craft beer, cider and sparkling perry, and street food.

Facilities at this venue include:

  • Craft beer and cider
  • Street food stalls
  • Toilet
  • Limited street parking
  • Partially covered
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Cliff Zammit Stevens Beppe
Simon Wallfisch Gasparo
Clementine Lovell Rita
Antoine Salmon Uberto
Melanie Lodge Serpina